Bachata Spice Championships

Bachata Spice UK Championship 2016

Bachata Spice UK Championship is our official Bachata Comptetition ONLY for UK based dancers. In this competition you will be able to enjoy the best Bachata Choreographies "made in UK". The champions of this competition qualify for Bachata Spice International Cup.

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Bachata Spice UK Amateur Championship 2016

We created this new format of competition for those that believe that it's awesome to compete but they still feel far from the really high level that the current top UK Bachata dancers have reached. This is your opportunity to show what you can do, to share your passion!

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Bachata Spice International Cup 2016

Bachata Spice International Cup is our next step. After 5 years organizing 6 succesful UK competitions and 1 International, we have decided to organize our own first international contest with guest performers from all around. If you want to get to the highest in the Bachata thing, this is your way!

More details coming soon