Sensual Bachata Classes every Wednesday with Peynao

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Sensual Bachata Classes every Wednesday with the UK’s pioneer of the style in the UK, Peynao er Bachatero. If you love Bachata or just want to try and discover this beautiful and sensual dance, this is the place you have to go.

Get ready and join our weekly classes every Wednesday at Porchester Centre, near Queens Way underground station.

3 hours of Sensual Bachata classes every Wednesday.

First Hour – Beginners: From 0 to 8 sessions of experience (aprox). On this level you will master:

  • Basic steps
  • Body posture
  • General music structure, instruments and timing
  • Fundamentals of Sensual Bachata history
  • Fundamentals of leading and following
  • Fundamentals of body isolations


  • Bring your dance partner and be ready to have fun and learn!

Second Hour – Techniques: From 8 sessions of experience (aprox). On this level you will master:

  • All standard basics and a bit more complex footwork
  • Body posture (you will start to look natural when you dance)
  • Syncopation and accents in the music and their interpretation
  • Main references in Sensual and other styles of Bachata
  • General techniques and concepts for leading and following medium tempo songs
  • Body isolations and body movements


  • Having mastered the skills of Beginner level.

Third Hour – Routines and Styling: You can come from around 30 sessions of experience or after around 15 classes if you book the second hour as we will combine the content of the two hours. You can stay on this level as much as you want. On this level you will master:

  • Advanced footwork
  • Body posture (you will look natural and fluent while dancing)
  • Musical interpretation of base and melody, advance understanding of musical structures
  • Deep knowledge of the references and trends in all styles of Bachata dance
  • Advanced techniques and concepts for leading and following slow, medium and fast tempo songs
  • Advanced Body isolations, body movements and styling


  • Having mastered the skills of the Improver level.


At some point, reaching the end of each level, every student develops skills enough to be in a bridge between two levels. At that point we recommend you to take classes in two levels on the same day (example: Beg & Imp or Imp & Int/Adv). We also have discounted price for those students who want to do it. It’s also important to mention it to your teacher to get some feedback.


18:30 – 19:25 Beginners
19:30 – 20:25 Techniques
20:30 – 21:25 Routines & Styling


*** Peynao, As a dance teacher and performer, has been dancing Bachata, Salsa and Latin rhythms since 2004. Peynao learned Bachata and Salsa with some of the top teachers and performers in Spain and at international congresses and was in regular lessons with great instructors as (Korke & Judith and Rodrigo Torres and Carolina González). Since he came to UK, he has been the first one representing UK in 2011 in BachataStars Europe where he got to the 4th position with his then dance partner. He also won the Latin Dance Video competition for the Premier of Street Dance 3D and is the pioneer of Sensual Bachata in the UK and a well-respected instructor, both nationally and internationally. He is currently teaching Bachata in fusion or separated in styles like Sensual, Modern, Traditional, Bachatango…
Peynao has performed, taught and DJ in many national famous Latin dance clubs like Bachata Spice, El Grande, Bar Salsa, Motion City Festival, Sexy Latin Festival, BachataStars Europe Finals in London, Clave Latina Festival, Mambocity Congress, UKDC, and cities like Edimburgh, Nottingham, Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge, Bachata Spice International…. and has been one of the very first UK based Bachata artists traveling abroad: Dominican Republic (Bachata Paradise), Madrid Bachatea Festival in Spain, Huelva Kizombachata Festival also in Spain, Ballagan Festival in Israel, Italy, Hungary, Ireland… He also has shared stage with singers as Ephrem J and Dani J and last May 2018 was proudly judge of Greece’s Qualifying of the World Latin Championship: Euroson Latino.
Peynao was co-organiser and introducer of BachataStars UK, organiser of BachataStars Europe Finals 2013 and co-directing the very famous bi-monthly party “Bachata Spice” and Bachata Spice UK Amateur, UK Open and International Championships, well-known to everyone in the Latin scene. Peynao has been promoting and organising events in his own right and in partnership for many major events around the country and runs different media channels like Bachata Spice or The Latin Passion.

*** TINA

With a background of Ballroom and Latin, Tina joined Bachata & Salsa social dance classes in 2014 getting to know Peynao 3 years ago and becoming one of his top students. Since then she has become a smooth and stylish Bachata and Salsa Dancer and has trained in lessons with most of the top Latin Dance instructors in the UK in some regular classes and Festivals. In 2018 Tina took her training to the next level when she started to master Professional level techniques and getting tips from some World instructors in Festivals in which she is already taking part as an instructor. From those instructors Tina has received great feedback remarking her Elegance and great Following Skills.


One Class: £10
Two Classes: £15


Select your date you want to you book your classes and you will be redirected to our partner, Salsateca’s website:

Please, make sure you select the right date.


1st 2nd
3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
10th 11th 12th
13th 14th 15th 16th
17th 18th 19th
20th 21st 22nd 23rd
24th 25th 26th
27th 28th 29th 30th

Please, make sure you select the right date.


1st 2nd
3rd 4th 5th 6th
7th 8th 9th
10th 11th 12th 13th
14th 15th 16th
17th 18th 19th 20th
21st 22nd 23rd
24th 25th 26th 27th


Our Sensual Bachata classes run every Wednesday from 12th January.


Dress Code: Wear something comfortable and flexible that allows you to move.

Ladies: Long tight skirts will make it difficult for you to do several movements. Wear something that allows you to separate and move your legs without problems. We didn’t mention guys because they don’t usually wear long skirts ;p

Shoes: We recommend to use light and flexible shoes that hold to the ground but still allow you to slide, turn or spin.


Porchester Centre. Entrance next to: 219 Queensway, London W2 5HR.


  • Peynao (Angel Peinado): 07429 147775


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