Private Bachata, Salsa and Latin dance classes in London, Croydon & Brighton, UK.

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Our Private classes are the Best Option to get personalized classes FOCUSSED ON YOU. Peynao is the UK’s pioneer of Sensual Bachata with over 18 years of experience in all Styles of Bachata with deep knowledge in Dominican, Modern and multiple Fusion styles. He is highly respected in the country and internationally as instructor, performer and choreographer.
Peynao is also an experienced Salsa instructor, mainly specialized in L.A. style.

On these lessons you will have the chance of:

  • Learning strong foundations of Bachata.
  • Understanding music structure, history and cultural background.
  • Correcting your technique, body posture, timing, musicality and styling.
  • Learning multiple styles (Traditional, Sensual, Modern and other styles as Bachatango, etc) in a rational and progressive way.
  • Learning tips for social dance and performing.
  • Understanding the social environment you will be surrounded by when you go to dance.


  • Weekdays and Saturdays (depending on availability): Croydon. 2 minutes walk from East Croydon Station, 15 minutes from London Bridge and 20 minutes from London Victoria stations.
  • Some Sundays (depending on availability): Ye Olde King & Queen Brighton, Brighton.


There are different prices available, with 1 hour and 5 hour plus packages for one student or for couples.
For more details and prices contact us.


Dress Code: Smart/Casual. Make sure you wear something comfortable and flexible that allows you to move.

Ladies: Long tight skirts will make it difficult for you to do several movements. Wear something that allows you to separate and move your legs without problems. We didn’t mention guys because they don’t usually wear long skirts ;p

Shoes: We recommend to use light and flexible shoes that hold to the ground but still allow you to slide, turn or spin. If you want to buy dance shoes we can provide with discount in UK's finest Latin dance shoes provider, Larissa London . Ask for your discount code if you're interested.

If the class is run in a studio you must wear shoes that won't damage the floor.



The best place to practice after your classes and meet new people: PasiĆ³n Bachata Party. Click here for more information.