Bachata Spice Amateur UK Championship

"The home of the rising national Bachata talents is back"

Bachata Spice Amateur UK Championship is back and is full of excitement! As main introduction, just let you know that this competition is oriented to Non professional Dancers based in the UK (We consider professionals to Dance teachers or Performers). All the qualifying heats will be published on this page and on our Official Facebook Page. The champions of this competition will get a prize of £500!


If you want to know about the rules of this competition please click on this Link.


If you want to join the competition please send us an email to with subject Join Amateur Competition @ Location of the heat. For example if you want to join at the Bachata Spice event, the subject in your email would be Join Amateur Competition @ Bachata Spice Bimonthly


MIDLANDS HEAT (@ MotionCity Weekender)

On Sunday 20th August the Midlands heat will take part at MotionCity Weekender in between an amazing weekend of dance and entertainment. Click on the picture below for more information.

GREAT LONDON HEAT (@ Bachata Spice Bimonthly)

On Saturday 2nd September the Great London Heat will take part at Bachata Spice Bimonthly Party, one of the most exciting heats of this competition is coming up and you can't miss it! Click on the picture below for more information.